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Jenna Kator

The fading automotive industry may have pushed Jenna Kator out, but not out of her home state; she created a handbag company.

After graduating from Michigan State University Jenna Kator worked in advertising on automotive accounts. In 2008 Metro Detroit underwent an economic downturn that left many having to leave Michigan to find employment. Jenna lost her job during this time of uncertainty; she wanted to stay and prevail.

Jenna took this as an opportunity to go after her lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur and began showcasing her collection of quality handbags that fulfilled the need of an affordable price point. She believed this was an excellent time to restore the self-confidence of women by giving them an extra-bounce in their step while bringing some light back into the Motor City, its suburbs and the State of Michigan.

Jenna is proud of her roots and pays tribute to her home state by naming each showpiece after a place in Michigan that exhibits great beauty, character and charm.

The Jenna Kator Collection launched in 2009 at Detroit Fashion Week where she was discovered and featured in CNNMoney.com, highlighting the City of Detroit’s transition from automotive to fashion. Later she was the recipient of the Fashion Group International of Detroit Accessories Award.

Jenna Kator has grown a community fan base in her home state over the past 11 years while working fulltime alongside her husband Michael Kator.  The Jenna Kator Collection is versatile, classic, yet trendy. Vegan leather is only used; it is the belief that one can dress stylish and sensibly while helping to protect animals. Versatility is the signature to the success of the brand by offering multiple styling options that take you from day to night.