Nag Champa Roll-On Essential Oil

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Nag Champa is the scent of India and is commonly used to make incense. We have made this popular scent into a roll-on not only to use as a perfume, but it is a stress reducer, elevates ones mood, is minding calming, a sleep aid and helps with focus! It has a woody, powdery scent from combining frangipani, sandalwood, and other earthy fragrances.

To apply please give it a shake then freely roll-on temples, neck, shoulders for example. Also apply under your nose to enjoy the aromatherapy!

Time for the declaimers: Store your bottle in a cool dark place. Please know we are not doctors, so this in not a substitute for informed medical care. It is for external use only, avoid eye contact, do not ingest, and note if you are pregnant discuss with your doctor before use! Do not use on small children, again without your doctors advice.

We hand make all of our vegan bath and body products in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We suggest that you use this product within a year.